Air dry clay artificial succulents are lightweight, soft to the touch, non-toxic, never-fading, realistic. They will be a unique botanical decor for your home, office or a gift for your loved ones that will bring delight over years.
DDA-050 (3)

Care Instructions

Place artificial succulents in dry rooms. Avoid moisture and places with direct sunlight. From time to time, clean dust from it with a soft brush or use the cold air flow from a hairdryer,and don't touch water.

Packaging and Delivery

Every item is carefully prepared for shipment by using professional packaging materials for a safe delivery.
I use DHL/Fedx services and will provide a tracking number for the shipment.

    Artificial Clay Succulent – Handmade Succulent – Deck Decor

      * Completely handmade without the use of molds

      * Unique, a succulent plant that never withers

      * Made of durable polymer clay

      * Realistic and natural appearance, even more beautiful than real meat

      * Treat it as a meaningful gift in a gift box

      * Suitable for furniture, office decoration, and can also be made into     jewelry,  gifts, etc